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I Just Called To Say...

15th May, 2006. 9:11 pm. iPod for heroes

Just saw in MySpace the following advertisement:

"Help Save the Internet & Win a Free iPod"

Then there was a usual blah-blah-blah about the US Government which dreams of closing the Internet and Evil Bush who hates free speech on the Web. But that is not the case. I loved the statement.

There are no heroes anymore. No heroes, unless you promise at least an iPod.

Save the Earth and get a free Big Mac!
Find the God and get His autograph!

Gosh, fuckin' tempora, fuckin' mores!

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21st April, 2006. 3:46 am. my yorkie

Otto Otto

This is Otto (Ottoman, Ottoboy, Ottomoto etc), my best friend. He's almost 9 months old. He likes girls but he's not a big fan of washing. He is smaller than a cat but somewhat bigger than my Longman dictionary. 

Do you like him?

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17th April, 2006. 5:06 pm. Ice Age - probably contains spoilers

Yesterday I saw Ice Age: The Meltdown. That was quite something. I enjoyed every minute of it.
The most remarkabe scene for me was the dialog between Ellie and Manny, the two mammoths (found it on IMDB):

Ellie: What about me is attractive?
Manfred: Your... butt?
Ellie: What about it?
Manfred: It's huge!
Ellie: That is really sweet!

Now when I hear that someone is attractive, I express unvoluntary giggling.

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14th April, 2006. 3:59 am. I am online again!!!

Oh, at last my laptop is working well and I can procede with exploring LJ. My new online friends, I am so sorry I had to leave you for so long. But now my little friend has recovered and I am again here with you. Pooh pooh bee doo!

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22nd March, 2006. 3:39 pm. Gay Test

For guys:

Maybe this is an old gag, but I had a really good laugh.

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22nd March, 2006. 3:13 pm. When I want something funny...

Some read different humorous sites in order to get intertained. Others know good lj ommunities with funny pictures and jokes.

As for me I read Urban Dictionary.

Damn, linguistics has never been THAT funny.

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22nd March, 2006. 3:50 am. My favorite soundtrack

Again and again I am listening to soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man brilliantly performed by Neil Young. Yeah, these dirty chords just make me crazy every time I hear them.  I you are so depressed that you think it is impossible to get deeper into it, just try this CD. You'll see there's nothing impossible with such kind of music. 

Overdriven guitar is the best way to show you blues. I mean it cuz I've tried.

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21st March, 2006. 2:00 am. hi there

Gosh, at last I have it! My LiveJournal account! Now I can tell you so many interesting things!
So, you know, my friend Alex... *yawn* oh, maybe a bit later?  "Festina lente" said Latinos... oh, I mean Latins.
And they were damned right.

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